Hub-and-Spoke Content

When creating topical content, it’s difficult to fit all of the relevant information on one page of your website. This is the primary reason for using a hub-and-spoke content model.

Hub-and-spoke content is unique in that it’s a way of generating content in a focused way around a broad topic. The more relevant content you have on your website, the more your customers will associate you as an authority in your space.

The hub-and-spoke model works by creating content around one of your business lines or services

Think of a wheel and all of the spokes pointing outward from the centre. The hub is the main topic you want to create more authority around and rank better for. The spokes are all the supporting content that is related to your main topic, that will help boost your authority in Google’s eyes.

  • You create authority around a topic via more relevant content.
  • You increase the overall keywords you rank for.
  • You generate more organic traffic and leads.

The best way to demonstrate relevance around a topic is to show potential customers that you are the source of knowledge for all things about it. This is why implementing a hub-and-spoke organic search content is important.

As a business, you need to put your customers first. This means creating content that you would find valuable if you were looking for your products or services. Even if your customers are not ready to convert, sharing content that informs and engages them means they are likely to subscribe and convert later on.