Content Strategy

Content strategy isn’t about churning out content; it’s about investing in high quality content that speaks to customers at each stage of their buyer journey. By developing a targetted approach you will see better results.

An organic search content strategy involves focusing on a narrowly defined group of potential customers rather than targeting a wide demographic.

This can be compared to customising content for a professional who wants to transition career rather than anyone interested in enhancing their career prospects. The professional transitioning career will appreciate content specifically tailored to their needs – a fundamental component of your content strategy.

If you don’t understand your customer’s values, habits, and concerns, you’re going to create an inauthentic campaign that risks driving away potential buyers.

I focus on four essential steps when helping clients develop an organic search content strategy:

  • Define audiences
  • Perform keyword research
  • Plan content assets
  • Track results

I start by closely examining your best customers and understanding what sets them apart, and then use those insights to build detailed buyer personas for your chosen niche. I then find keywords that resonate with your niche audience, both on your site and your competitors.

Once I have defined a list of relevant keywords, I map out your content for the coming months. This includes material you already have that can be repurposed and refocused to serve your audience’s needs.

Most important, I track your results. Depending on your specific goals, you may choose to track KPIs such as conversion rates, social engagement or organic search traffic.

Companies that better address the specific needs and pain points of their customers in niche areas will build long-lasting and profitable client relationships. Don’t aim to be a one-stop solution for all your customers by casting a wide net.

Your marketing efforts must shift from creating one-size-fits-all content for a diverse audience to generating focused and meaningful content for a select few. By prioritising your audience and catering to their specific needs, your credibility within your niche will naturally grow.