B2B Content

Businesses in the B2B space typically view marketing content as a cost instead of an investment. But customers today want access to more information before they make contact with vendors and sales teams. And more than half (53%) of B2B buyers would prefer to buy without any interaction with salespeople at all.

Prospects aren’t interested in testing anything until they’re far along the buyer journey; until they’ve shortlisted suppliers and they’re ready to buy. But perhaps they would like to read some research in a white paper, flick through a guide on your products or services, or learn about a key pain point of theirs from a case study.

Your goal is to create and retain customers. Often, that means moving buyers along the buyer journey from aware to excited about your products or services. And, in B2B, a key weapon in your arsenal is deeply insightful and relevant content that offers customers revelatory insights about their problems (and how you can solve them).

Content is a catalyst for achieving various business objectives; but, depending on what those are, content could take wildly different shapes


Guides are resources that provide information and guidance on your products and services, including development, implementation, and use in a specific setting. These guides address key questions, highlight critical needs and opportunities, and offer essential steps and features for your audience. The type of guides I can create for you are: Educational guides, Comparison guides, Implementation guides, Troubleshooting guides, Best practice guides.

Guides are most effective in the early and middle stages of the buying process when buyers are researching solutions, comparing options, and trying to deeply understand a product or service. They nurture leads by informing buyers so they can confidently and efficiently narrow down their options until they reach the final decision-making stage. The guides I produce are casual and visually interesting. They provide an entry point and path forward through the exploration process, moving readers from unaware to aware, uncertain to clear, and overwhelmed to informed.

White Papers

A white paper is a research-based report that offers a focused description of a complex issue to your audience. It presents your philosophy on a specific matter and is used to establish your organisation as the clear, trusted authority in your industry. The type of white papers I can create for you are: Original research, How-to, Numbered list, Problem-solving, Trends report.

The purpose of a white paper is to help your audience understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. White papers are PDFs that are often gated, meaning you collect contact information in exchange for the download. According to the DemandGen Content Preferences Survey Report 2022, 62% of B2B buyers interact with three to seven pieces of content before connecting with a salesperson. For this reason, white papers are best suited for the awareness and consideration stages of your buyer’s journey, but can also support the decision stage. The style of the white papers I produce are formal and analytical.

Case Studies

Case studies are in-depth investigations of specific implementations or interventions, often used to understand their impact, effectiveness, and best practices. They are produced by documenting the process, outcomes, and lessons learned from your initiatives.

Case studies can provide valuable insights for your audience. They help move potential buyers closer to a positive selection by addressing uncertainty, risk aversion, and the high bar for expense or change during the critical final steps. For these reasons, case studies are best suited to the evaluation and decision-making stages of your buyer’s journey as they can tip the scales through proof, validation, differentiation, and connection.

Customer Stories

Customer stories (also known as testimonials) are narratives that showcase the positive experiences of your customers with your products or services. They are a powerful tool as they provide social proof and build trust with potential customers.

Customer stories are most impactful in the later evaluation stage of the buying journey when potential customers are assessing their final options and seeking validation that can tip them towards a final purchase decision. I create compelling written customer stories in narrative form, highlighting ROI, outcomes and metrics that demonstrate in specific detail how your product or service can create business value for your buyers. It’s best to back up claims with real-world examples and relating this through shared experiences.