Google will completely remove third-party cookie use by the end of 2024. We are moving into a cookieless world.

For this reason, your organisation must engage in alternative methods to target and convert leads. In practice, this means you will need to double down on expanding your owned media.

My services to help you expand your owned media include:

B2B Content

Content Strategy

Hub & Spoke Content

Pillar Pages & Topic Clusters

What is owned media?

These are the channels and assets that your organisation has complete control over. Unlike earned or paid media, owned media allows you full control over the messaging, timing and distribution of your content. This serves as the foundation for establishing a loyal audience. You have complete control over how to engage that audience to promote your brand, products or services.

What are the benefits of owned media?

It might seem daunting to think of adjusting your marketing strategy to put more emphasis on owned media. But this shift has plenty of upsides.

Ad rates on third-party sites are rising steeply. It’s more expensive to remain competitive. Moving to owned channels means you won’t be as reliant on fluctuating third-party advertising costs. Your budget can be put into channels you have complete control over. By concentrating on your owned media, you’ll know that you’re using accurate data sourced from within your own organisation.

Have you ever been sure that the metrics you’re receiving from a third party are 100% accurate?

You can’t control the cleanliness of the data you use unless you’re controlling the platform. By putting an emphasis on first-party data obtained through your owned media, your brand will never be associated with content you disapprove. Your brand image will always be safe because you will always remain in total control of the content that goes out.

“My passion is to help your organisation succeed using organic search content to build trust, authority and loyalty in your area of expertise.”